1. Cheryl Rannie

    Congratulations Bri! I’m so looking forward to reading your blog staying connected to you and your beautiful family. So proud of you.

  2. Ahh! I’m not even a Mommy yet, but I’m so excited about this blog. I love to read blogs when people are just totally open and honest and real. Plus your writing style is definitely what I’m looking for! Can’t wait for more! //xo

  3. Hailey Strachan

    Hey Bri! Love your blog. Reading it reminds me of sitting behind you in a high school a class of which I don’t remember specifics.

    Unrelated weird story. Kind of. I was looking at my beautiful unshaven legs yesterday and a memory popped into my head of a time you were telling the girls around you that you had the secret to the smoothest legs ever. And then you wouldn’t tell us. Haha. Maybe that can be one of your “body” topics!

    You still look beautiful as always!

    • OMG hahaha what?! Hailey!!! First of all, hi! How are you?? Thanks for the comment! Secondly, I don’t remember my “secret” if I even had one! I’m embarrassed. But, you’re such a sweetheart and always have been. xo

      • Hailey

        Hey! 🙂 I am great. And I’m sorry for embarrassing you! I did not want that! I just thought it was a funny and random thing to remember. Haha. Hope you are doing well! Looks like it. You’re little guy is adorable.

  4. Bri, welcome back to blog land! While I can’t relate on the Mommy front (unless fur babes count), I can relate on the necessity for writing. It has been a great source of healing for me, past and present, and despite my (many) breaks from it, the need for community and writing has always led me back. I’ve enjoyed following you on IG as you’ve become a (wonderful) Mommy and look forward to your musings from the perspective of a Momma 🙂

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