1. Diane

    I am impressed Bri. You are a wonderful loving mother!

    I remember Richard offering 25 cents for J.F. for each mushroom he would eat!!! That’s a long long time ago but he still remembers. …No the offer is not valid anymore..ha, ha!
    Tante Dianexx

  2. Joanna Faulks

    I know this post is old but it seriously could not have come to me at a better time. Having serious picky eater issues with my 15 month old and I’m realizing I’m part of the problem. My son also had a hard time gaining weight as a newborn and we always had issues with feeding so I have always been paranoid about him gaining weight and eating. I always give him what he wants so that he eats (and give him new things every meal but he never touches those so I go back to his favourites). Going to make some changes, thanks!!

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