1. Delta

    Great read Bri!!

    I’ll never forget my first night in the hospital. Emery was screaming her head off and I knew she was hungry but I just could not get her latching. I paged the nurses quite a few times as I was feeling very overwhelmed and soon was in tears as I felt so much pressure to learn how to properly feed my baby. One older nurse came stomping into the room with a small bottle of formula, fed/burped Emery to which her crying stopped instantly and the nurse laid Emery down in her bassinet, looked over at me and said “now get some sleep and stop crying” and walked out.

    Breast feeding is mentally and physically hard work! Patience and persistence is key…. I also found nipple shields to be a god sent!

    • Thanks Delta! Yeah, there’s so much pressure and there’s just no way to practice beforehand. It’s a lot for a new mom to figure out with a newborn. (And I agree, nipple shields saved my right nipple from further damage. I wish I had gotten one sooner!)

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