1. Janelle gordon

    Amazing. The questions are bizarre!! Haha I love the get your rest now…. like really? Thanks tips. I will try to bank it.

  2. Bryanna

    You’re hilarious! I too had that happen to me at a check out stand before and was totally thrown off, RUDE! Thanks for the laughs xx

  3. Nicki

    These questions are all so accurate! My husband and I were at a work dinner with his colleagues last week and one guy came right out and asked if we wanted kids. We said yes one day. He responded by asking if we were trying yet. Are you absolutely kidding me?! Nice to meet you bud. What is wrong with people. I was 4 weeks pregnant at the time and we haven’t told anyone yet. Thanks for sharing!

    • So awkward! Do people not realize what they are asking when they ask that?! Nice to meet you indeed. Never ceases to amaze me how people have no shame when it comes to one of the most personal subjects. Thanks for reading!!

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